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Anti-Boring!….Anti-Stifling!….Anti-Coloring Books!

For kids who would rather do it themselves!

Ordinary coloring books cheat children. They inhibit a child’s natural inventiveness with drawings that simply require coloring within lines that someone else has drawn. The Anti-Coloring Books® were designed as an antidote to traditional coloring books, offering children opportunities to creat e their own images. Each irresistible scene is designed specifically to set free the magic of a child’s imagination and offers limitless possibilities. Mind-ticklers all, they provide a fantasy playground that fosters healthy, active self-expression.

This series of books features creative activities for ages 6 to 60. The First, Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth are of general interest to all children while others appeal to children with special interests.

The Superpowers Anti-Coloring Book®

Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman are among the super-heroes who inspire children to unleash their creative powers and let their imaginations soar. With the Super Powers leading the way, children strive to emulate their heroes, and begin to make decisions, strengthen their self-confidence, and develop their own best powers for the future.

Artists at Work

This Anti-Coloring Book® focuses on professions in the arts — such as cartoonists, photographers, sculptors, fashion designers, graphic artists, and museum curators — to expose children to many potential artistic careers. It also challenges and encourages them to create their own works of art!