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Congratulations Susan!
Susan Striker was named
Elementary  Art Educator
of the Year
by the Connecticut Art Education Association


Susan Striker

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Books by Susan Striker

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Henry Holt
Paperback  2001
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Young at Art®

Young at Art® is the first and only comprehensive book for the general audience about the nature, value and impact of art on very young children. Directed toward parents and educators of one to five year olds, Susan Striker explains why children’s art is not a frill, but the very foundation upon which all later fundamental skills are built. She drives home the idea that encouraging children’s artistic growth will have beneficial effects on all other aspects of their emotional and intellectual development.

At the core of this practical guide is the understanding that art is an important tool in teaching young children crucial concepts related to self-expression, reading, and writing. As opposed to more structured exercises, such as coloring in dittos and underlining pictures in workbooks, Striker stresses that scribbling and free-drawing experiments are the most important art activities a child can engage in; they better prepare children to read independently as they grow.

Young at Art® provides descriptions for age -appropriate art activities and tips for carrying them out safely, and it helps parents recognize what a child’s artwork should look like at each stage of development. With Young at Art®, parents will develop realistic expectations of their child’s work, learn how to speak to their children about their arts, and facilitate skills well beyond their own perceived lack of artistic talent and creativity.

Quotes about  Young at Art

"I love your book...It's very reader friendly. I love all the songs about art...the section on books about art for children is an excellent resource."
Eldon Katter
Past President
National Art Education Association

“I have recently read both your books, Young at Art  and  Please Touch and I have been so inspired and motivated by them. Many thanks.”
Corina Koch MacLeod

“My name is Tracy. I am currently teaching a toddlers art class in Fresno California. I have found your book, Young at Art to be such a wonderful aid in planning my classes. I have always been frustrated at the parents who want to "help" their child and end up taking over their project. Your book has helped me communicate the importance of the child creating their own work. Because I am always challenged by parents who want their toddlers to create adult themed projects, I feel like there is a need for a class to help parents encourage creativity and lateral thinking with their toddlers. I'm hoping to create this class and teach it at the same mothers resource center that I have been teaching the toddler art class. ( I was wondering if, along with other valuable information I have gathered, I could use some of the information from your book in this class, obviously with full credit, as well as recommend your books to the parents. I'm hoping that I can also have the store carry your books to make them easy for the parents of my students to find.
“If all parents could read your book, many good things would happen to children everywhere! (and you can quote me on that!).”
Jessica Trask

"I love your book...It's very reader friendly. I love all the songs about art...the section on books about art for children is an excellent resource."
Eldon Katter
Past President, National Art Education Association

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