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Congratulations Susan!
Susan Striker was named
Elementary  Art Educator
of the Year
by the Connecticut Art Education Association


Susan Striker

Hear Susan’s ideas on her Young at Art/ACB page on Facebook

See Susan teaching on
YouTube and TeacherTube:
Magic Window Lettering
Book Binding

Try Your Hand - Printable Pages

We want you to try some pages for yourself.
Just click on an image and print the page.

Show us what you have done!

See samples of what others have done with these pages!

Can you change this pair of scissors into something completely different? Turn the paper any way you want to.

What do you think the tooth fairy looks like?

A group of explorers found a rare bird deep in the jungle. They sent back this drawing of the bird sitting in a tree.

This clown has learned how to become invisible. We can only see a circle. What part of the clown do you think this circle is?

A famous artist needs your help. The artist started this picture but was stung on the thumb by a bee. Turn the picture any way you’d like and finish it.

What do you think this woman sees when she looks in the mirror?

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