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Congratulations Susan!
Susan Striker was named
Elementary  Art Educator
of the Year
by the Connecticut Art Education Association


Susan Striker

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Magic Window Lettering
Book Binding

Anti-Coloring Books

collage-of-books-cut-awayAnti-Coloring Books®
A series of books with creative activities for ages 6 to 60. The numbered-titled books (First, Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth) are of general interest to all children. Other books appeal to children with special interests. Click here to try samples from the Anti-Coloring Book series.

The Anti-Coloring Books® teach children the 21st century skills they will need to be successful in a world we can't yet imagine. Critical thinking, problem solving and thinking "outside the box" may well replace the 3 r's as the basic education that will ensure our children's future.

Test-taking skills, mindless copying and coloring adult art are not activities any child should devote even a minute of their day to, whether at home or at school.

The Anti-Coloring Books, "revolutionary" in the late 1970s, are now more important than ever.
  Order your copies today!

Order an Anti-Coloring Book Now!

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Have your kids create their own newspaper.

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Quotes about  Anti-Coloring Books


“A book that suggests and inspires.”
Ms. Magazine

“Great stuff - and amazing that no one thought of it before”
Detroit Free Press

“What a wonderfully creative tool!”
Chicago Sun Times

“There’s no wrong or right, just fun and an extended imagination”
Houston Chronicle

"...unleashes everyone's fantasies"
Los Angeles Times

”A brilliant idea"

"What a wonderfully creative tool!"
The Cleveland Plain Dealer

"Susan Striker has topped herself"
Horizon Monthly

"...chockfull of ideas to stretch youngster's imaginations"
St. Paul Dispatch

"If you are not familiar with the book, it's time you were."
Dallas Morning News

"May be just the thing for those 'day after Christmas doldrums".
Family Health

”What a fantastic gift for a child"
West Orange, N.J.

"Never thought I'd be recommending a coloring book, but this large paperback
is an exception...what a wonderfully creative tool!"
The Plain Dealer

"In the age if anti-matter and anti-nukes, why shouldn't there be an anti-coloring book?"
Sturgis, Michigan Journal

“My 7-year-old son, Dennis, is a huge fan of yours.  So am I!  He was given your First Anti-Coloring Book ® as a recent birthday gift. He quickly filled it up with wonderful illustrations and creations.

“I rushed out to see if there were more additions and happily scooped up the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and the 5th Anti-Coloring Books®.
“As I looked through them I realized how wonderful a few would be to support learning we're doing in my classroom.I'm certainly won over to your way of thinking. A beautiful philosophy indeed.

“Many thanks and appreciation for making the world more beautiful.”
Lisa Cox, Fourth Grade Assistant Teacher
Charlotte, NC

“...I appreciate the spirit of what you suggest - provide them the stuff, a little structure and encouragement, and get out of their way.  One great delight for me is to see how two boys the same age (fraternal twins) use the same materials in their own unique style.”
Susan Miller, Fort Collins, CO

“We’d like to thank you for helping us make the Anti-Coloring Workshop quite a success. We used an alien theme in conjunction with the book ‘Here Come the Aliens’ for an out-of-this-world experience.” Below is a picture from the event.
Joan Strause and Terri Cook

“A big memory from my childhood was having a bunch of Susan Striker's Anti-Coloring Books, which was a series of coloring books that forced you to use creativity rather than simply coloring within the lines. They were great. Even the title alone posits coloring books as something worth rebelling against, which is a funny sentiment to impress upon a kid, and one that apparently stuck with me.”

“Our aim with CFG has always been to create a funny humor book first, and a fun coloring book second. So in terms of actually trying to make the coloring experience fun (aka our second priority), I always had those Anti-Coloring Books in the back of my mind.”
Ryan Hunter, Author of

Order an Anti-Coloring Book Now!

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